Sylvio Buchschatz

Founder and President still hand selects every bale of tobacco and personally supervises each blend. He and cofounder Ruth De Leon still hand inspect every single cigar! We don't deal in volume, only in quality. Our guiding principle is simply to create the very best blends - resulting in an artisanal cigar that we love to smoke. We hope you enjoy them too!

The Story

The Story begins in 1998 in a small Fishing village named El Cortecito, on the Eastern side of the Dominican Republic. In this village there was a small cigar store where you could enjoy a cigar while you watched how a cigar was made from the different leafs.
In 2001, the Manufactory was founded by his owners Ruth De Leon Sosa and her german husband Sylvio Buchschatz. The Philosophy is to produce the best quality Cigars, in order to satisfy a very selected circle of costumers. With a small production per year, De Leon is the perfect example of fine Boutique Cigars.
The Story
Our Tobacco

Our Tobacco

Always looking for the best quality leafs, I met with several of the most innovative premium tobacco growers in Dominican Republic!
Meanwhile most of Dominican Cigar Producers are looking for Tobacco leafs outside of the Country, we are using mostly tobacco from Dominican Republic which thanks to our effort, we are able to choose from a variety of 6 different tobacco types. From the filler to the binder, and last but not least, beautiful Dominican wrapper, most of this variety are Cuban seeds.
This unique combination of this tobaccos makes our cigars different than most Dominican Cigars. It's Dominican but it don't test like!